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11 Aug 2016 

cheap driving schools chichester

cheap driving schools chichester

Sooner or later you are going to pass your driving test but of course you want it to be sooner. Its not just about the excitement or indeed the liberty but it's also about saving time and money... Let me show you how.

When you start taking driving lessons in chichester on your first lesson I am going to teach you a driving strategy that is going to help you for the rest of your life, and its so simple.

When a pupil goes to the driving test only about 4/10 pass and its largely because they are not aware of what I am about to share with you.

As you are driving along you need to be safe, you know that already, however you also need to be in control of the car at all times and aware of your surroundings. So by ticking all three boxes you are going to be fine. Therefore doesn't it makes sense to use this method on your driving test, because it will really impress the examiner and that's what you want.

Driving is not hard, its actually really simple and only becomes difficult when it is over complicated. So on your first driving lesson with me what we are going to do is to start to get you into this thinking and on every new aspect of driving you will be using this method.

The reason why so many of my pupils pass their driving test first time is because of this lesson...Do you want to be next?

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11 Aug 2016 

automatic driving instructors louth

automatic driving instructors louth

Driving a manual car can be great fun, but it isn't really practical and it doesn't suit every type of learner driver, you may have faced this yourself. Some learners need to learner real quickly and want to skip out the gears and the clutch, while other learners have tried a manual and realise it is not for them.

The beauty of learning to driving with an automatic driving school in Louth is you will be doing lots of driving very quickly. Just like a learner in a manual car we will start you in a quiet area and if you are a beginner we will crack on with "pulling off and stopping". However with the automatic you will start driving more quickly as there are no gears.

You will be concentrating on just 3things, speeding up, slowing down, and steering. So you can see you are going to learn pretty quickly.
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11 Aug 2016 

driving instructors oldham

driving instructors oldham

Passing Your Driving Test

One of many advantages of learning to drive in an automatic vehicle is basically that you have less chance of failing on your driving test simply because you are removing the clutch and gears. The examiner really needs to be given the assurance you are able to drive in complete control of the car, so when you stall, crunch the gears, or perhaps miss a gear and lose power or lurch forward this can bring about failing the test. So just why go with a manual car anyway? automatic driving lessons oldham

Save Time And Money

What you are about to read now is an approximation and you will find a lot of variables to consider however learning in an automatic can reduce your time learning to drive by around 20% and that can be quite a great deal of money. Requiring fewer driving lessons also means you can successfully pass your test far sooner.

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11 Aug 2016 

cpc driver training

cpc driver trainingpromote safe driving with cpc driver training

e-Volve can carry out a fleet risk audit to help identify areas where we can help reduce risk and cost to your organisation. We can also help write your 'driving at work' policies and procedures.

Effective management of work-related road safety helps reduce the risk, no matter what size your organisation is. It could also result in, for example:

  • Reduced motoring costs

  • Fewer injuries to drivers

  • Reduced risk of work-related illhealth

  • Reduced stress and improved morale

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11 Aug 2016 

cheap driving schools reading

cheap driving schools reading

CONFIDENCE BUILDING LESSONS FOR DRIVING: We are going to help you feel comfortable and take control

How long have you been waiting to drive andpass your testbut have been held back due to feeling nervous or anxious about the prospect of driving. There are actually many good reasons for you to feel like the way you do, not forgetting of course you as a human being were not designed to do this. Its only in the last few years of the human race have we been able to travel so fast...always remember that. driving lessons reading.

Now your feelings are important to you, and you feel anxious for very good reasons so before you start to learn to drive you are very welcome to share your thoughts with us. In fact it would be nice to know where your comfort zone is because that is where we will do your learning.

Our lessons are great for you because we allow you through the natural development of learning to drive to push back your boundaries. This means we don't push you into anything you are not comfortable with and of course at all times you are kept safe by your driving instructor.

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